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To: Hon Chris Hipkins, Minister of Education

#LOUD4ECE message to the Minister

#LOUD4ECE message to the Minister

Tēnā koe Minister Hipkins,

I am writing to ask you to take urgent action in the early childhood sector, so every child can receive the best possible start to a lifetime of learning.

We are calling on your Government to finish the job and fully fund pay parity in Budget 2022 so all ECE teachers can access the same pay steps as their kindergarten and school colleagues who have the same skills, qualifications and responsibilities.

Slow progress on pay parity, a chronic shortage of trained teachers and a lack of investment in our services means our children are being short-changed in the fundamental early years of their life.

Early childhood matters to us. Our teachers are skilled people who need the right conditions to be able to provide the best environment they can for our young learners.

Ngā mihi
ECE teachers and supporters

Why is this important?

The ECE sector is in crisis. There is a chronic shortage of trained teachers in centres around the country. A key driver of the crisis continues to be the pay gap of up to 52% between ECE teachers and their school and kindergarten colleagues who have the same skills, qualifications and responsibilities. This gap has grown steadily over the past decade and the Government’s decision to backpedal on part of its pay parity commitment in September means as many as 5000 ECE teachers have to wait even longer to get fairly paid.

On Saturday November 6 we are going to get #LOUD4ECE with a day of action making it clear to Education Minister Chris Hipkins and the Ministry of Education that we need a firm commitment on pay parity and fixing the early childhood sector.

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Wellington, New Zealand

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