• Paid pandemic-related leave urgently needed for support staff
    In just one 24-hour period, more than 2,500 support staff workers contacted NZEI TRR about the effects on their mental health of not having access to pandemic related leave. That's 2,500 stories about families facing financial insecurity and concerns about their wellbeing. NZEI Te Riu Roa shared these stories with the Ministry of Education and asked for immediate action. The Ministry’s response was that paid pandemic leave is only available for support staff at the discretion of their school or after they’ve used up their sick leave. This directly undervalues the importance of our role in schools. Some schools have been able to provide paid discretionary leave. But we shouldn’t have to rely on the goodwill of our school to provide us with paid pandemic-related leave. Similarly, a principal shouldn’t have to divert operational grant funds simply to provide something teachers already receive. Minister Hipkins, support staff urgently need access to paid pandemic-related leave, just like our colleagues.
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  • Teacher aides should be funded by the government, not parents
    Parents, whānau and NZEI Te Riu Roa members are deeply concerned about the underfunding in our education system where tamariki are missing out on accessing the support they need and where parents are forced to pay for teacher aide hours out of their own pockets. No parent should need to choose between breaking the law or watching their child miss out on the support they need. Parents should not have to pay at all. In a properly funded public system, every child should get the support they need. All tamariki are taonga. This campaign is about challenging ableism at all levels, so that the education system works for all. We've drafted an email for you (on the right) to send to Minister Hipkins. Personalise it with your own story for the Minister to read.
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